14 Juillet 2024
3 semaine il y a
Alert in Leros/Greece: Arrests for espionage as migrants were found photographing a naval base. The incident has raised concerns about security on the island
Network data show major disruptions to internet connectivity in Montenegro corresponding to power outages also impacting neighbouring countries amidst a regional heatwave; the incident is caused by a fire on a power line per initial reports
3 semaine il y a
Un expert de haut niveau bien informé sur l'Ukraine et l'OTAN a déclaré que la Serbie avait vendu entre 700 et 900 millions d'euros d'obus à l'Ukraine, fournissant 30 % de tous les obus d'artillerie dans sa guerre de défense contre la Russie.
MUP: Seven fire engines put out the fire at the Evrojug factory in Šid, no one was injured3 semaine il y a
MUP: Seven fire engines put out the fire at the Evrojug factory in Šid, no one was injured
Lebanon's Foreign Ministry: Lebanese-Cypriot relations are based on a long history of diplomatic cooperation, communication and consultation are ongoing and at a continuous pace
3 semaine il y a
Cyprus Government: No country will be granted permission to conduct military operations through Cyprus
One person died, several were injured in an explosion in Cetinje3 semaine il y a
One person died, several were injured in an explosion in Cetinje
Cyprus suspends the provision of visas to the Lebanese at the Cypriot embassy against the backdrop of Nasrallah's statements
1 mois il y a
États-Unis, Royaume-Uni et Canada : Nous avertissons nos partenaires démocratiques et nos alliés que des acteurs russes mènent un complot visant à influencer les résultats de l'élection présidentielle moldave de l'automne 2024. Ils ont l'intention d'inciter à des manifestations en Moldavie si un candidat pro-russe ne gagne pas
The head of Gagauzia, Hutsul, was sanctioned by US Treasury
1 mois il y a
Vulin and Shoigu just had a meeting in Moscow
1 mois il y a
La Commission européenne confirme que l'Ukraine et la Moldavie ont pleinement franchi toutes les étapes nécessaires pour entamer les négociations
Poutine a rencontré le président de la Republika Srpska Miroslav Dodik à Saint-Pétersbourg1 mois il y a
Poutine a rencontré le président de la Republika Srpska Miroslav Dodik à Saint-Pétersbourg
Le chef d'état-major moldave a divulgué des informations secrètes à ses responsables du GRU. La correspondance d'Igor Gorgan avec le GRU russe révèle qu'il a fourni à Moscou des informations sur les livraisons d'armes à l'Ukraine et sur la politique intérieure de la Moldavie.
1 mois il y a
Turkish President Erdogan hosted Kosovo PM @albinkurti at the Presidential Complex in Ankara. Kurti will also meet with Foreign Minister Fidan, attend the inaugural Kosovo-Turkey business forum, and meet with the diaspora community in Istanbul
1 mois il y a
Turkish Navy Ada class corvette F 513 TCG Burgazada spotted today afternoon northbound Chios Strait after Efes24 exercise finished
1 mois il y a
Turkish President Erdogan: 'We are testing 33 different systems, including new domestic systems, in Efes-2024 exercise'
1 mois il y a
Turkish President Erdogan: No country targeted in Efes-2024 drill, it is peacekeeping exercise
The government of Bosnia’s Serb-dominated entity, Republika Srpska, has withdrawn a Law on the Special Registry and Publicity of the Work of Non-Profit Organisations from a vote in parliament without explanation
Blinken vient d'atterrir à Chisinau pour une réunion avec le président @sandumaiamd Presser commun à suivre. Il devrait annoncer un programme de soutien robuste à la Moldavie, comme le disent de hauts responsables.
The NATO Parliamentary Assembly has overwhelmingly voted to upgrade the Kosovo Assembly to associate member, the highest status in the PA until NATO membership.There was only one vote against, with 14 abstentions. The NATO PA has 281 envoys from 32 member states
State Department: Yesterday, Mr. Dodik announced that the Republika Srpska government took a formal decision to propose RS “disassociation” from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is RS secession by another name, and it is dangerous, irresponsible, anti-Dayton, and puts the territorial integrity, sovereignty, and multiethnic character of BiH at risk. These are core U.S. interests. The United States will defend and protect them by, among other things, holding those who put them at risk accountable for their actions.
1 mois il y a
Kurti on arming Serbia: The risk of a new war is real; Belgrade: Absurd and malicious claims
Bosnia Foreign Ministry will send protest notes to countries that voted against the Resolution on Srebrenica genocide
The UN General Assembly in New York adopted the resolution on Srebrenica with 84 yes votes. Nineteen states were against, and 68 abstained1 mois il y a
The UN General Assembly in New York adopted the resolution on Srebrenica with 84 "yes" votes. Nineteen states were against, and 68 abstained
1 mois il y a
Vučić: Highly politicized resolution on Srebrenica, I call on all countries not to vote
The President of Republika Srpska Milorad Dodik announced today in Bratunac that an agreement on peaceful demarcation will be proposed in the next 30 days. "We are starting today with a formal decision to request a peaceful demarcation. We will propose to first clarify the political competences related to the entities, and to preserve and leave the current model of the functioning of the economy and within a few years to adapt it to the model of peaceful demarcation", said Dodik. He pointed out that no one should touch anyone, that the Serbian people simply cannot live in this BiH anymore.
President of Srpska @MiloradDodik and Prime Minister Radovan Višković met today with the head of Srebrenica, Mladen Grujičić. After the meeting, President Dodik and Prime Minister Višković spoke with Serbian councilors in the Assembly of Srebrenica and businessmen from this town.
Special units of the MUP of the RS are deployed near the High School Center in Stebrenica (video: @halilovic_sa).
La Moldavie signe aujourd'hui avec l'UE un accord de sécurité prévoyant l'échange d'informations, la cyberdéfense, la participation aux acquisitions militaires et aux exercices militaires de l'UE.