3 December 2023
US Sanctions Aleksandar Vulin, former Serbian Interior Minister, for large scale corruption
4 month ago
Kurti: I cannot hand over a democratic country to this fascist militia in the north
विदेश विभाग का कहना है कि अमेरिका ने तुर्किये के लिए एफ-16 जेट के प्रावधान का समर्थन किया है, और अंकारा की यूरोपीय संघ में शामिल होने की आकांक्षा का समर्थन करता है।
4 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 18 km E of Thérmo, Greece
राष्ट्रपति ज़ेलेंस्की बुल्गारिया के दौरे पर हैं, उन्होंने पीएम निकोलाई डेंको से मुलाकात की
5 month ago
Serbia will request an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council because of the threat to the security of its citizens in Kosovo, - Vučić said
The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that 40 employees of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, together with their families, will leave the country in the near future
चिशिनाउ हवाई अड्डे पर संदिग्ध हमलावर ताजिकिस्तान का नागरिक है
मोल्दोवन अधिकारियों ने चिसीनाउ हवाई अड्डे पर घातक गोलीबारी के बाद सभी राज्य संस्थानों, साथ ही कानून प्रवर्तन एजेंसियों को हाई अलर्ट पर रखा है - राष्ट्रपति माइया संदू। उनके अनुसार, गोलीबारी के परिणामस्वरूप दो लोगों की मौत हो गई - एक सीमा रक्षक और हवाईअड्डा सुरक्षा सेवा का एक कर्मचारी
कथित तौर पर चिशिनाउ हवाई अड्डे पर संदिग्ध रूसी नागरिक द्वारा की गई गोलीबारी में 2 लोगों की मौत हो गई, संदिग्ध को हिरासत में लिया गया
5 month ago
रूस ने मोल्दोवा के लिए OSCE मिशन के जनादेश के विस्तार में हस्तक्षेप नहीं किया, जो 30 जून को समाप्त हो गया। मास्को इसे इस साल के अंत तक बढ़ाने पर सहमत हुआ। साथ ही, उन्होंने ट्रांसनिस्ट्रियन संघर्ष के समाधान पर बातचीत बुलाकर मिशन के काम को जारी रखने की शर्त रखी। इस बार, यह सादे पाठ में कहा गया था: यदि बातचीत नहीं हुई, तो मोल्दोवा में ओएससीई मिशन का अस्तित्व समाप्त हो जाएगा।
The Republika Srpska National Assembly (RNSA) today carried out a reckless attack on the Dayton Peace Agreement and the BiH Constitution it established. No amount of political rhetoric or misinformation can alter the fundamental fact that Article III (3) of the Dayton Constitution clearly states that the Republika Srpska must fully comply with the decisions of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes final and binding rulings of the BiH Constitutional Court. The Republika Srpska cannot unilaterally nullify this obligation; nor can it legally ignore BiH Constitutional Court decisions.
रूस समर्थक प्रतिबंधित शोर पार्टी के नेता इलान शोर ने अपनी सरकार चलाने की योजना की घोषणा की
Orban: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has just informed me that in accordance with the request made at our meeting last week, the Serbian authorities will soon release the three previously arrested Kosovo policemen from custody. We highly appreciate the step of President @avucic, which he took in a period of serious challenges, and which decision is a clear proof of the strategic cooperation between our countries, and our mutual commitment to the peace and stability of the Balkans
5 month ago
The attack was aimed at killing Jews was plotted by intelligence services linked to the IRGC. According to sources, the operation to thwart potential assassinations was carried out in cooperation with Cyprus' intelligence together with Western partners
This morning, the team on GeoBarents rescued 13 people, including 2 women and 2 unaccompanied minors, who were in distress on a unseaworthy rubber boat. The survivors had spent more than 3 days at the Mediterranean sea
JosepB orrell:Very alarmed by situation in north of Kosovo: extrajudicial arrests of K-Serbs & Kosovo Security Forces marching in South Mitrovica; followed by heavy rhetoric from Serbia. Despite yesterday's crisis meeting, escalation continues & is becoming dangerous. We will not tolerate it
मोल्दोवा एमएफए ने खेरसॉन क्षेत्र के कुछ हिस्सों में रूसी कब्जे वाले अधिकारियों के प्रतिनिधि द्वारा मोल्दोवा में एक पुल पर हमला करने की धमकी के बाद रूसी राजदूत को तलब किया।
Gracanica/Kosovo Dozens of locals gathered on Thursday in front of the police station at the Serb majority municipality, in protest against the arrest of Kosovo Serb D.S. on one war crime charges one day prior5 month ago
Gracanica/Kosovo Dozens of locals gathered on Thursday in front of the police station at the Serb majority municipality, in protest against the arrest of Kosovo Serb D.S. on one war crime charges one day prior
यूरोपीय संघ का विस्तार: आज, यूरोपीय संघ आयोग यूक्रेन, मोल्दोवा और जॉर्जिया द्वारा यूरोपीय संघ की सदस्यता के लिए पूर्व शर्तों के कार्यान्वयन में प्रगति का मौखिक मूल्यांकन प्रस्तुत करेगा।
5 month ago
Police arrested a Kosovo Serb suspected of committing war crimes against ethnic Albanians while he was a prison guard during the 1998-99 conflict, causing a protest by locals in the Serb-majority municipality of Gracanica
रोमानिया के काला सागर पेट्रोमिडिया रिफाइनरी में विस्फोट हुआ, आपातकालीन प्रतिक्रिया इकाई का कहना है - रॉयटर्स
Turkish activity with 6 (at least) UAVs in different altitudes at east Thrace5 month ago
Turkish activity with 6 (at least) UAVs in different altitudes at east Thrace
.@StateDept has today called on Vucic and Serbia "to immediately and unconditionally release the three Kosovo police detained on June 14. Their arrest and ongoing detention on spurious charges has exacerbated an already tense situation"
5 month ago
कोसोवो का कहना है कि सर्बिया ने "अपहरण कर लिया है
5 month ago
Greece: Seventeen dead after the sinking of a migrant boat in the Ionian Sea
The High Representative of the International Community for Bosnia, Christian Schmidt, and the EU Delegation strongly condemned on Monday the statements of Dario Kordic, in which he disputes responsibility for war crimes
5 month ago
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced the upcoming snap parliamentary elections, and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced her resignation
5 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 6 km SW of Atalánti, Greece
5 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - Bulgaria