25 June 2024
Driver, who rammed into the gate of Russian Embassy in Chisinau was detained
Strongly wind storm in Oradea, Romania11 month ago
Strongly wind storm in Oradea, Romania
Pictures of the destruction as a result of the storms in Oradea, Romania11 month ago
Pictures of the destruction as a result of the storms in Oradea, Romania
18 Russian diplomats and 27 technical personnel are expelled from Moldova, 10 diplomats and 15 technical personnel will remain
Moldovan Foreign Ministry notified the Russian Embassy of the decision to reduce the number of Russian diplomats
11 month ago
Forest fires rage in three provinces of Turkey - Antalya, Manisa, and Kahramanmaraş. These scenes were captured from the resort town of Kemer
11 month ago
A big fire continues in Antalya's Kemer district, but its progress has been stopped. It is being intervened by helicopters and firefighters
11 month ago
Firefighters battling large fire in Antalya, Turkey
2,500 evacuated from Corfu, Greece due to wildfires11 month ago
2,500 evacuated from Corfu, Greece due to wildfires
Sea evacuations begin as wildfires spark chaos in CorfunnSee more nn11 month ago
Sea evacuations begin as wildfires spark chaos in CorfunnSee more nn
11 month ago
A team of firefighters from Slovakia fight fires and drive through thick smoke to control the wildfires raging on the Greek island of Rhodes
The Parliament of Moldova denounced the Convention on the Interparliamentary Assembly of the CIS, signed in 1995 in Minsk
Leader of Transnistria regional communist party Oleg Horzhan stabbed to death at his house
11 month ago
Jovanović: The USA will not provide the Serbian government with evidence about Vulin, that is not the practice
Interior Minister of Moldova Anna Revenco, Minister of Education and Research Anatolie Topale and Minister of Infrastructure Lilia Dabizha resigned
11 month ago
Vučić with Chen Bo: Necessary special session of the UN Security Council on Kosovo
US Sanctions Aleksandar Vulin, former Serbian Interior Minister, for large scale corruption
11 month ago
Kurti: I cannot hand over a democratic country to this fascist militia in the north
State Department says US has supported provision of F-16 jets to Türkiye, and backs Ankara's aspiration to join EU
11 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.8 - 18 km E of Thérmo, Greece
President Zelensky is on visit in Bulgaria, met with PM Nikolai Denkov
11 month ago
Serbia will request an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council because of the threat to the security of its citizens in Kosovo, - Vučić said
The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced that 40 employees of the Russian Embassy in Bucharest, together with their families, will leave the country in the near future
Suspected shooter at Chișinău airport is Tajikistan citizen
Moldovan authorities have put all state institutions, as well as law enforcement agencies on high alert after the deadly shooting at the Chisinau Airport - President Maia Sandu. According to her, two people killed as a result of the shooting - a border guard and an employee of the airport security service
2 reportedly killed after suspected Russian national opened fire at Chișinău airport, suspect was detained
12 month ago
Russia did not interfere with the extension of the mandate of the OSCE mission to Moldova, which ended on June 30. Moscow agreed to prolong it until the end of this year. At the same time, she conditioned the continuation of the work of the mission by convening negotiations on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict. This time, it was stated in plain text: if the negotiations do not take place, the OSCE mission in Moldova will cease to exist.
The Republika Srpska National Assembly (RNSA) today carried out a reckless attack on the Dayton Peace Agreement and the BiH Constitution it established. No amount of political rhetoric or misinformation can alter the fundamental fact that Article III (3) of the Dayton Constitution clearly states that the Republika Srpska must fully comply with the decisions of the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which includes final and binding rulings of the BiH Constitutional Court. The Republika Srpska cannot unilaterally nullify this obligation; nor can it legally ignore BiH Constitutional Court decisions.
Leader of pro-Russian prohibited Shor party Ilan Shor announced plans to run own government
Orban: Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has just informed me that in accordance with the request made at our meeting last week, the Serbian authorities will soon release the three previously arrested Kosovo policemen from custody. We highly appreciate the step of President @avucic, which he took in a period of serious challenges, and which decision is a clear proof of the strategic cooperation between our countries, and our mutual commitment to the peace and stability of the Balkans