Map. History of Balkans conflict

26 June 2017
US Air Force WC-135C Constant Phoenix "Nuke sniffer" heading over Romania
En route to Romania to take part in the largest of the Black Sea exercises, Saber Guardian will involve more than 25,000 soldiers.
Albania votes in parliamentary election with EU accession talks in mind
Photo: joint Serbia-Russia-Belarus drill Slavic Brotherhood 2017
Ukraine will discuss military cooperation with Romania at the autumn session of NATO
Ukraine to strengthen the military group in the Odessa region - MoD.
Support today in Athens for author and anarchist Theofilou who is facing prosecution for his political beliefs
Turkish islamic hackers announced thayt they hack Greece FM site due to Agia (saint) Sofie warning
#IronWolf/#SaberStrike Mission success, return to base
Croatia PM: EU leaders may hold a special session about Kurdistan Region in the near future.
Bundestag renews Bundeswehr mandate for NATO KFOR mission for another year, with max. 800 troops
NATO operation Sea Guardian is supporting EU operation Sophia in the Mediterranean, providing information and logistical support - @jensstoltenberg
Vice President Pence: In call today with Turkish Cypriot leader @MustafaAkinci_1, I underscored U.S. support for UN-facilitated talks to reunify Cyprus.
Hundreds of Croatian taxi drivers on Wednesday blocked one of the capital's main boulevards with their cars to protest against Uber services in the country.
Romania government falls after six months in power
Turkish FM says Macedonia deserves support more than any other country, vows Turkey will keep standing by Macedonia all the time.
Bosnia i Herzegovina PM Zvizdić and EU Tusk today. Progress of BiH on EU path and situation in Western Balkans ahead of Trieste Summit
Transnistria devaluates currency by 25%
We have tripled the size of the NATO response force to 40,000 troops, with Spearhead Force ready to move within days - SG @jensstoltenberg
Russian soldiers in Transnistria began combat training
Dunford says he's meeting with Montenegro counterpart today. First meeting since Montenegro officially joined NATO.
Turkey's provocations in the Aegean Sea cannot carry on, says Greece's @atsipras-they raise the possibility of an accident
SpaceX delays launch of Bulgarian telecom satellite from Florida until Friday to replace valve on Falcon 9 rocket.
Greece blocks EU statement on China human rights at U.N.
Citizen of Bosnia Begzad Spahic arrested in Turkey city of Kilis.
Serbia-Russia-Belarus drill Slavic Brotherhood near Brest
Eurozone agrees 8.5 bln euro bailout payment to Greece, sources tell AFP
Serbia President names Ana Brnabic its first openly gay and first female Prime Minister
A joint exercise in Cyprus with the participation of the IAF’s Black Hawk helicopter squadrons and Special Forces units was concluded today
IMF director lagarde comes late but with 'principles' as she says