Map. History of Balkans conflict

18 October 2017
Moldova’s president accuses Constitutional Court of treason after judges suspend him temporarily
Greece "not just a NATO member but a useful ally for the United States," says @atsipras.
"We have a feeling it will get stronger and stronger," @POTUS says of Greece. "We know they will be an ally for many, many years to come."
Greece Prime Min. @atsipras says he explained to @POTUS the need to send clear messages to Turkey.
Turkey "must stay oriented towards the European perspective" with the West and with NATO, says @atsipras.
As @PrimeministerGR is in D.C., @StateDept announces a FMS to Greece for F-16 fighter jets for $2.404 billion.
Greece "a land of tremendous potential" for investment as "a lot of problems are behind it," says @POTUS. "We love that country."
Meanwhile word coming from @DeptofDefense that @StateDept has approved possible $2.4 bil. sale of upgrade of F-16 jets for Greece.
Despite his concerns a year ago that Trump would be elected, Tsipras now feels US-Greek collaboration "will be very substantial."
President Trump, on comments about him previously made by Greek Prime Minister: "I wish I knew that before my speech."
"Not at any moment did I feel threatened" in today's meeting with @POTUS, says @atsipras.
@atsipras Greece "will always decisively protect its sovereignty against illicit claims."
@atsipras "Our strategic cooperation with the United States is becoming more important than ever."
Greece maintains dialogue with Turkey "despite the difficulties we face," notes @atsipras.
Greek-US relationship "may be at its best" since WW2, says @atsipras.
Tsipras: "The friendship between our two countries isbased on our common democratic principles, on the values that we jointly share."
President commends Greece for spending at least 2% of GDP on defense. Notifying Congress about selling Greece upgrades for F-16 aircraft.
@POTUS "I'm also very proud the United States will be the honored country at next year's international fair in Greece."
"I have totally reaffirmed our support for a responsible debt relief plan" for Greece, adds @POTUS.
President begins joint news conf trumpeting stock market hits 23,000. "So we're very happy," says @POTUS. Wishes same for Greece.
Today discussed with @ATsipras cooperation in "matters of defense, energy, commerce and trade," says @POTUS.
President Trump to Greece's Tsipras: "You do indeed have a tremendous heritage, Mr. Prime Minister."
Rose Garden being set up for Pres Trump and PM Tsipras joint press conference at 130pm/ET.
At start of working lunch, PM Tsipras assured Pres Trump that Greece "is a “pillar of stability” in the region. and invited him to visit.
"You have a lot of (Greek) supporters in the United States," adds @atsipras
"Greece is a pillar of stability in the region," responds @atsipras and says "you are always welcome to visit Greece."
In extended meeting, Secretary of State Tillerson sitting to the right of @POTUS and Treasury Secretary @stevenmnuchin1 on the left.
In Cabinet Room @POTUS tells @atsipras of Greece: "I know your tourism is coming back strongly. You've had a record number of tourists."
Moments ago, @POTUS met with Greek prime minister ahead of joint news conference.
Pres says Greece has "gone through a lot" over the years but is "doing a terrific job coming back. They will be back," he tells PM Tsipras.
"Looks like you're making tremendous strides," Pres Trump whispers to Greek PM Tsipras, as press enter Oval Office for photo operation
"This is an important moment" for US-Greece cooperation, says @atsipras.
"Greece will help us and we will help Greece," says @POTUS, mentioning sale of F-16 jets.
"They're doing a terrific job of coming back," @POTUS says of Greece. "They will be back. We're working with them on many things."
In Oval Office with @atsipras of Greece, @POTUS says "Obamacare is a disgrace to our nationWe are solving the problem of Obamacare."
Pres Trump at the West Wing Portico to welcome Greek PM Tsipras to the WH.
Moldova constitutional court suspended Igor Dodon from his duties as president of the country, after he failed to appoint defence minister for almost a year
Moldova's Constitutional Court ruled that president Dodon breached the constitution, thus establishing platform for his potential impeachment
PM Tsipras looking for strong relations with the US, as a reliable alternative to US tensions with Turkey.