Map. History of Balkans conflict

22 August 2017
Tomorrow's Serbian tabloids all running the same story about Macedonia.
Poroshenko appointed Kryzhanovsky a representative for Transnistria settlement
Serbia President Vučić od scheduled to have a meeting with ambassador of Russia.
Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić says they were recalled for consultations over 'intensified intelligence' activities targeting Serbia's mission
Dr Bajram Rexhepi, #Kosovo's 1st democratic Prime Minister elected after the war, passed away
Hellenic Army Soldiers with the 21st Mechanized governmentnt during a Combat Readiness Evaluation on August 18, 2017
Serbia President Vučić stated that Embassy in Skopje was recalled due to evidences about offensive acts against Serbian institutions.
Serbia will take measures to protect its interests in Macedonia, and reevaluate its capacity for work in current conditions in FYROM.
Security beefed up after Serbia withdraws entire diplomatic staff from embassy in Macedonia's capital Skopje without explanation
In Moldova searches in the government building and the Ministry of justice
USS Porter received fuel and supplies during RAS Aug 19 from Turkish oiler TCG YB Kudret in Black Sea
Serbian Ambassador to Macedonia Dušanka Divjak-Tomić said that she cant give any comment on this sudden withdrawal.
Macedonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs received a note from Serbian Embassy today about call for emergency consultations.
Reasons for sudden withdrawal will be announced tomorrow by Serbia Minister of Foreign Affairs Ivica Dačić.
Reports emerging that all staff in Serbia Embassy in Skopje, Macedonia is being called back to Belgrade for emergency consultation
Dodon said Russia and Turkey are "friends of Moldova"
Canadians departing Prestwick today for Romania
Russian Navy DDG 'Vice-Admiral Kulakov' Udaloy class inbound in Limassol.
More assertive Black Sea presence: @USNavyEurope Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Porter 78 transited Bosphorus yesterday
Fire breaks out at Greek consulate in Istanbul
Macedonia sacks top prosecutor over wiretap scandal
Video: Military convoy today on Chisinau streets
Greece. Wildfire east of Athens
Crime boss behind enslavement of women for sex trade shot dead in Macedonia
The President of Moldova called provocation the talks on the visa regime with Russia
The President of Moldova Dodon have not found at Bulboaca military base issues which Russian media claims
Moldova ex-PM Vlad Filat fills complaint to the European Court for Human Rights
Delegation of US travelled to Tirana,Albania, today to meet Iranian opposition Maryam Rajavi [National Council of Resistance of Iran]
The interior Ministry rejected the allegations of massive police presence in Guči
Vadim Krasnoselsky: Russia offered 40 million USD to Transnistria