Map. History of Balkans conflict

11 December 2017
Bucharest Romania: up to 10000 protest against Gov interference in independence of justice
Anti-corruption march today in Central Bucharest
Turkish President Erdogan on visit to Muslim community in Greek town of Komotini is greeted by several thousand supporters
Maldives rushes through trade pact with China despite opposition
NATO Liaison Office in Moldova is inaugurated now
Erdoğan: We seek a just, permanent solution to the Cyprus issue, but Greek Cypriots don't want that
Erdoğan: I told Mr. Tsipras that justice delayed is justice denied over the extradition of FETÖ terror suspects in Greece, who attempted to topple our democracy and killed 251 people
Greek PM Tsipras: We want to start a new chapter in Turkish-Greek relations in 2018
Croatian soldiers deployed in Lithuania today officially joined the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group
The Moldovan Parliament adopted today a law limiting the broadcasting of Russian TV channels in the country
"You have to demonstrate the ability to move across Europe" says U.S. Army Gen. Hodges
'Mission accomplished,' president of UN tribunal for Former Yugoslavia tells Security Council
Erdogan says Turkey's aim is to find a just and viable solution for Cyprus
Erdogan greets guards at Syntagma, following this, Tsipras greets the Turkish delegation accompanying the president
Turkey's FM Cavusoglu says there is no need for @NATO to maintain presence in Aegean anymore, asks for cancelling of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) mission, claims NATO fully supports Turkey's decision.
The 9th anniversary of the death of Alexis Grigoropoulos in the Exarchia district of Athens. Clashes continue between the anarchist groups and the police
Greece: At least 25 protesters arrested, several banks and stores damaged, cars torched during 6Dgr demonstrations today in many cities to honor the memory of Alexandros Grigoropoulos.
Exarchia now next to Polytechnic school
This year, NATO started training local forces in Iraq and I particularly welcome the contributions from our partners, like Serbia and Jordan - @jensstoltenberg
US Department of State: Serbia: potential for violence before, during, and after 9pm soccer match at Red Star Stadium in Belgrade. Road closures, possible fan marches could begin as early as 5pm and cause traffic problems throughout city.
Greek police fire teargas at protesters on riots' anniversary
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg: "We call on all parties to do what they can to reduce tensions, avoid inflammatory rhetoric" and make sure there's no more armed conflict in the Balkans region
NATO Secretary General says West Balkans remain important, says alliance helped end wars there and will continue presence with KFOR. This afternoon alliance discusses "open door" policy toward Balkan aspirants and others
Romania's former King Michael dies in Switzerland at age 96, Reuters reports, citing Romania's royal house
Moldova deploys 8th contingent KFOR-8 for peacekeeping mission in Kosovo
Police Crackdown Against Protesting #RefugeesGR on Lesvos
U.S. SOF just concluded two months of training near Chisinau alongside partners from Moldova
A landing craft, air cushion, off #USSSanDiego about to make landfall in Souda Bay, Greece
Maltese police arrest eight over car bomb murder of blogger Daphne Caruana Galizia, who criticised government
Commissioner @JHahnEU meets with BiH Presidency Members in Sarajevo to discuss urgent reforms on the EU path.