Map. History of Balkans conflict

17 October 2017
Four Moldovans killed in Ivory Coast plane crash - security minister
Four dead in Ivory Coast plane crash were from Moldova -Ivorian security minister
In Sarajevo Border Police of Bosnia and State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) dealt with terrorist attack and hostage taking situation / evacuation. #QuickResponse17
New F16s in the Romanian air force
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 31km E of Patitirion, Greece
SBU published another batch on PMC Wagner mercenaries - today it's 6 citizens of Serbia
Hungary demands faster EU, NATO integration of West Balkans
Pro-Catalan independence 'activists' have entered and occupying Spain embassy in Greece
NATO’s @NATO_KFOR Tactical Reserve Battalion deployment to Bosnia and Herzegovina, supporting @euforbih Exercise “Quick Response 2017”
Dodon promised Putin not to sign anti-Russian laws
Moldova journalists, NGOs protest for publicity of court cases, Council of Magistrates partially fulfills demand
Moldova's Dodon - Putin meeting started in Sochi
President Erdogan during his two-day visit to Belgrade says Turkey and Serbia will sign a total of 16 investment and trade agreements
Turkey - Serbia high delegation meeting.
Serbian President and his ministers personally welcome Erdoğan at the Belgrad airport
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg meets troops at the HQ of the Multinational Tailored Forward Presence Brigade in Craiova with Romanian president
Ukraine and Moldova signed a readmission Agreement
Romania has committed to spending 2% of GDP on defence. I count on you to keep up the momentum - @jensstoltenberg
I commend Romania for hosting and leading a multinational brigade. Host nation support is essential to NATO doing its job - @jensstoltenberg
I have just returned from a visit to Afghanistan and met Romania’s troops in Kandahar: they are making a real difference - @jensstoltenberg
Romania is an influential and steadfast NATO Ally - @jensstoltenberg with @KlausIohannis
NATO to launch Black Sea force as latest counter to Russia
I'd caution against the phrase "military Schengen" because allies like US, Canada will never be part of Schengen: @jensstoltenberg
Sarajevo court acquits Srebrenica defender Naser Oric of war crimes
We have to avoid the perception that European defence can replace NATO - it's complementary: @jensstoltenberg
The US has one type of main battle tank, Europe has 17: NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg on fragmented Eur def industry
This is the 3rd consecutive year of accelerating NATO defence spending: the trend is up and we’ll keep it up- @jensstoltenberg
NATO is an Alliance that keeps its promises: we say what we do and we do what we say - @jensstoltenberg
I thank Romania for its important contributions to NATO operations and @paoloalli and @natopapress for all the work they do - @jensstoltenberg
"Romania will spend 2% GDP for defence at least for the next 10 years" @KlausIohannis