Prosecutor says jailed Kosovo activist killed himself, no foul playMacedonia: 10 intelligence staff suspects in wiretap Opposition leader Zoran Zaev was wiretapped 1.150 days, says the Special Prosecutor. #Macedonia Russian citizens Eduard Shirokov and Vladimir Popov named as plotters of attack on Montenegro PMCroatia marks 25th anniversary of fall of Vukovar Greeks march to commemorate anti-junta uprisingKosovo police say they have foiled ISIS attack on Israeli football team Obama says will urge creditors to give Greece space for recovery.@POTUS: "Power and progress will always come from the demos, from we the people".@POTUS: "Most important title in any country is not president or PM, it is citizen""In our communities there is more of what the Greeks all philotimo" - @POTUS"History doesn't move in straight lines. Civil rights in US, democracy in GR didn't move in straight lines" - @POTUS"All institutions in Europe have to ask how can we make sure people's voices are still being heard" - @POTUS"What an irony it is that at a time when we can reach out to anyone anywhere so many citizens feel disconnected from their govs" - @POTUS"EU remains one of the great achievements of human history" - @POTUS"Faced with this new reality where cultures clash, some will inevitably seek comfort in nationalism, tribe, ethnicity, sect" - @POTUS"When our economies don't work, our democracies become distorted and sometimes break down" - @POTUS"Democracy is simplest wherever everyone is the same. Democracy becomes more difficult when there is diversity" - @POTUS "IMF have said debt relief will be crucial to getting Greece back to growth. They are right" - @POTUS"I want to commend Tsipras for the v difficult reforms his gov is pursuing" - @POTUS"I encourage creditors to put Greece on a path to sustained economic recovery" - @POTUS"The world doesn't appreciate or aware of the tremendous sacrifices Greeks have made" - @POTUS"First step in Greece has been to build a foundation that allows you to return to robust economic growth" - @POTUS"We declared that healthcare in America was a right for all, not a privilege for a few" @POTUS"People need to see the benefits of trade in their own lives, not just large multinationals" - @POTUS"We know that we have to invest more in our people, education and skills to compete in global economy" - @POTUS"We can't look backwards for answers, we have to look forward" - @POTUS"Even the poorest child in our countries know how others live, so there is increasing inequality and more awareness of it" - @POTUS"World elite, living by other rules, avoiding taxes, manipulating rules, that creates a sense of injustice and inequality" - @POTUS"If you could choose one moment in time to be born without knowing, blindly, that moment would be now" - @POTUS

Map. History of Balkans conflict

18 November 2016
Croatia marks 25th anniversary of fall of Vukovar
Obama says will urge creditors to give Greece space for recovery